Why Manners?

The moment you bring your pup/dog home, she will need to learn how to live with the crazy species called homo sapiens-sapiens (translation: odd, two-legged creatures that claim to know all there is to know, expressly for the sheer comic relief it causes all the other species on this planet).

That means, us. Humans.

A dog is a dog. She comes to us knowing only doggie things. And.. some doggie things just are not acceptable in the human society into which they are thrust. Ours is an alien, confusing, and dangerous world, and your dog needs you to guide her through these waters: not only for her own safety, but also for safety of your sanity.

Your dog needs training. And, for that matter, so do you.

During the course of this program, you'll understand how your dog learns, how she processes the information that we give her, and how you can get better at making yourself understood by your best buddy.

What you'll learn in this program goes beyond having your dog respond to a command that you give. This program will take your relationship to a whole new level.

With this program, you'll do more than just train your dog.

With this program, you will see that it can (and should) be a two-way conversation between two very different species that have somehow, against all odds, not only found each other, but made each others' lives infinitely better because of it.


Chase & Laura's Story

I had the extreme pleasure of working with Lorena of Waggers Dog Works for my 3 month old puppy, Chase. Chase is an energetic little puppy that had no problem fitting it our lively home of 2 adults and 4 excited children. Chase did, however, quickly begin to think he ran our pack. Within a week, biting and growling had been a common theme with the children. My veterinarian warned that Chase was showing signs of becoming an overly aggressive dog. He suggested making Chase submit to me and “show him I was the boss” by holding on his stomach while clamping his mouth shut with my hands and that it was imperative that my children to the same. Needless to say we were devastated.

I decided to do some research and found Waggers Dog Works. Upon our first session Lorena made me feel at ease with Chase and within 2 weeks Chase was a different dog. Lorena is a master at what she does. Quite simply she speaks the language of the animal and gets the job done through positive reinforcement. Oh, and my vet that gave me my outdated advice on animal submission, he ended up asking me who I used to train my puppy! Many, many thanks to Waggers for helping our family bring a happy and healthy puppy into our home!

Format & Pricing

One-on-one Online Dog Training Coaching Program


12 coaching sessions (30 minutes) 2x per week

During these private online sessions, you will be coached, step by step, on how to teach your dog to respond to everyday cues that will help her understand how to better integrate with your family.

Live demonstrations of each step with the trainer's dog will help you understand the learning process.

You will also learn how to accurately read and interpret your dog's body language so you can respond to your dog's needs.

weekly written instructions

You'll receive weekly instructions detailing how to work on the behaviors you are learning with your dog.

access to recorded coaching sessions

Don't quite remember a detail of what we covered? No worries! You'll have a personal link to your coaching sessions for you to review whenever you need.


One-time payment of


Before We Begin

Please fill out the form below to help guide your coaching program.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you train my dog via a Zoom meeting?

Online coaching for dog training is actually quite effective. Because we only use methods that are recommended by the Veterinary and Applied Animal Behavior communities, as your instructor, I don't need to touch your dog to help you train her, nor do I need to use any electronic remote collars to do so, either. It may sound like magic, but it's not. It's science.

Even when I was coaching clients in person, I never touched the dogs we worked with (unless the dog solicited petting from me- which I never turned down. I'm not a monster.).

What do I need for online coaching?
  1. A reliable internet connection
  2. An internet-ready camera (most computers have them built in), or if you are using a tablet, it will have one.
  3. Speakers for your device so you can hear me (most have them built in)
  4. Microphone for your device so that I can hear you (most have one built in)

I can provide you with a video that will show you how to join a Zoom meeting if you need it.

What if I have questions on my dog's behavior outside of the coaching sessions?

I will be available via email to answer and support you throughout the program.

How do I schedule my coaching sessions?

Once you sign up for the program, you'll receive further instructions on how to book a time for your appointment.

Don't worry- it's super easy and you do it right from your dedicated coaching area. 😊

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the personalized nature of this coaching program, there are no refunds once you sign up.

When you are ready to commit, we'll be there for you 100% of the way.

Can I purchase coaching more than once?

Absolutely! If you find yourself in need of coaching more than once, simply purchase the program again.

Is this program guaranteed?

It would be unethical for us to offer any type of guarantee when it comes to the behavior of any dog. What you can be sure of, however, is that you will be getting solid, evidence-based coaching and guidance on how to help your dog improve his behavior!